( May. 12th, 2011 10:34 am)


I seem to have acquired a lovely new partner. Actually, some lovely new partners.

They are from the gaming group I've been with on Saturdays.

He has experience with poly, she is new to the practice, but not the idea. I'm not entirely sure yet if she's going to cultivate or is really interested in a romantic relationship with me on her own, or if she's more comfortable just joining in when there is fun naked time happening. I'm going to take that slowly to make sure that any boundaries that are tested are only done in ways that are not traumatic. Or at least only minimally and handleably traumatic.

The status change happened Tuesday.

I've been walking around with a goofy-ass grin on my face for the past couple of days now.

I'm still with my fiance - and I think having people that know me as I am now, and still finding that desirable, and not being shy about letting me know that I'm desirable, will give me many extra spoons for fixing the weaker areas of my fiance's and my's relationship.

I still miss the other two so much it hurts sometimes, and I still wish that I could reach some sort of peace with all that. I will always hope that when I get a call or check my email, it's them saying "We miss you, we love you, let's talk." I will always love them.

But I'm also feeling something growing for my new gentleman (and his lady). He specifically... I've not felt a "click" this strong in quite some time. My fiance reminds me that it is, in fact, supposed to feel really good. And approves of the me having the new partner(s).

So yeah.




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