balivatn: multicolored lily in a vase (lily)
( Dec. 23rd, 2011 09:02 am)
My winter holiday wish list is probably too demanding. I do have some material things I'd want/could use, but honestly there's a lot more non-material stuff I'd like.

I'd like to not feel disposable.
I'd like for the people I love to care about me.
I'd like an apology backed up by action.
I'd like to have someone that used to fuck me act like they gave a shit about me after the fucking stopped.
I'd like to have a day where I don't miss them anymore.
I'd like all this to stop hurting.
I'd like to have friends/lovers I could talk to and trust and show weakness to without it being held or used against me.
I'd like those silly little reminders that people think about me beyond when I'm in their face.
I'd like help from friends in keeping me present and connected to the love that is around me.



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