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([personal profile] balivatn Jul. 29th, 2011 06:52 pm)
Tonight the local BDSM club is having what they're calling a Femme Fatale party, with a class beforehand about making floggers. I feel a bit weird going, because of the whole gender thing. But one of the people I've been talking to is going, so I'll at least know someone. And a lot of others have recommended trying out this smaller event before any of the larger ones, so there's that. And most of the people who have broken my heart recently have been men, so maybe the different energy here will be good for me. I looked at the attending list, and there's some people who identified as men going and some people who identify as genderqueer, so maybe it'll be OK.

Most of my old club clothes don't fit - not a surprise, since it's been a few years. Trying a different look tonight - I found my black dress vest, so I'm wearing that with no shirt underneath - leaving my arms bare and a good portion of the top of my chest. I'm not indecent, but I'd probably get a few looks from people outside the club. Wearing my black pinstripe suit pants - which is a bit of a shift for me, clubwear wise, but feels pretty good. Is also comfortable.

Need to stop and get some money to afford the cover charge.



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