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( Oct. 19th, 2010 12:17 am)
Dear loves,

It's almost Tuesday morning, and I'm going to head to bed soon. Pretty busy tomorrow - I have to get my car's oil changed and maybe pick up some pom-poms to glue to chinchilla cutouts. I hope the kids like it.

I'm nervous about Wednesday - after all the stuff that happened last week, I'm worried that the coordinator will try and hassle me or something, and I'm not really sure what the best way would be to handle it. I wish we could talk it over over dinner - I know that the one of you that's been doing this sort of thing longer might have some suggestions.

Missed you a lot this weekend - Saturday was pretty quiet. It would have been a nice day to go to the zoo or something and wander around. Sunday was the Bulgarian festival in Griffith park. I wish you could meet my conductor, she's so nice. She and I hung out at my jewelry table and chatted between bands. There was one band I really liked, and I wish you could have seen the dancers dancing. Maybe I could have found someone to watch the table and we could have danced together. We could have compared Hungarian sausage to Bulgarian sausage, and sampled banitsa.

Here's a video of the band that I liked so much:!/video/video.php?v=493936784553. They're kind of a Bulgarian funk/rock peasant band. I think you would have liked the belly dancer shakin' her hips to this song.

Speaking of belly dancing, I've been taking a class since the middle of September - it's a lot of fun. I wish we could dance together, since one of you has been doing this style of dance for awhile now. I still have trouble getting my arms organized - I guess too much dancing with them more or less at my sides in the clubs. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and I hear Eddie Izzard's voice in my head saying "Don't be so bloody PRUSSIAN!" But I seem to be getting it from the waist down.

It's been cold and rainy recently - I'm drinking tea to avoid a cold. After the Bulgarian festival, it would have been so nice to be able to come home to you, heat up something hot and comforting, and curl up under a warm blanket on the couch, watching something fun.

So I hope you guys have a good week. I know one of you is working on a project for October - hope that's going well. Haven't really been able to catch you to talk to you very often. I miss you, and wish things were different.

( Feb. 19th, 2010 11:29 am)

You will eat the gooshyfood. It is good for you, and will mean less medicine giving for you. Seriously, I'd eat this stuff. I know it's not kibble, deal with it.



You seem to know how to use Gmail and Facebook. I'll be happy to check your bank account for you, but you need to tell me what your username is. No, that's your password. No, that's your security questions. No, I don't have to log into your computer and then check through your machine. Why did we let you buy a laptop again? I'm trying to be understanding because you're doped out of your mind, but sheesh.

Love, mostly,
Your kid




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