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( Sep. 4th, 2011 12:29 pm)
Work is tiring - and I'm not looking forward to starting to teach at one school. They've always been high maintenance, but now they're saying they don't want me to bring the wolves - ever - and they want a list of animals so they can pre-approve what I bring. I'm trying to be understanding, but it also feels like they're just setting things up so if anything DOES go wrong they can kick us out. And I'd rather not deal with them at all, but my boss doesn't feel the same way. So that's rather annoying.

Classes at the community college progress. I didn't get into the math or bio class I wanted, so my semester is mostly gen ed stuff (my previous classes were too old to transfer). An odd feeling, being at the low level undergrad again.

Personal stuff continues to suck. Not going to get into details yet, but the next week is going to be very rough on me emotionally - especially because any overtures I've made have been rebuffed, and there's no progress to be made anywhere. And I've become very tired of the phrase "take care of yourself." I've heard it way too many times as a milquetoast placebo from people who fucked up and it always feels like they're trying to say "I'm a good person, but you're not worth the energy it would take to help you, so you have to do it all on your own." Which is fucked-up and uncool.



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